Hospice nurse in Houston TX.

Home Hospice Services

In-home medical and personal support for patients with advanced illness and for their families.

It all starts with you and your family. We perform a thorough assessment at admission to our program and periodically throughout the course of care. Our team then develops a care plan based on your need and preferences and those of your family.

We usually focus part of the care plan on symptom control. Our program and highly experienced professionals enable us to give patients symptom control that is often better than what patients can get from hospitals, nursing homes, and other care venues. The greater effectiveness of home hospice at protecting comfort and quality of life is well documented in the medical research.

The remainder of the care plan works to give patients and families everything they need to have comfort and quality of life during this very important time of life. This may encompass emotional support, help with homemaking, at-home spiritual support from a hospice-experienced chaplain, home medical equipment, home medical supplies, parenteral nutrition, family training, bereavement support for the family, and more.

Our Team

Millennium Hospice takes a multidisciplinary approach to home hospice care. This means we employ a range of experienced, well-trained professionals with varying professional degrees and backgrounds. Their teamwork enables us to provide the best possible service for the various needs presented by our patients and their families. Our team includes: